Monday, April 4, 2011

Editors Eric Brodeur, Jesse Averna and Jamie Hooper Guest April 10, 2011

We always hear “film is a collaborative process,” and it indeed is. From the costume designer to the director, many people will paint on the canvas that is your script.  An editor is the ultimate rewriter.

Below, Eric and Jesse introduce themselves to you. We urge you to attend this weekend’s chat and learn all you can about the collaborative process.


Eric Brodeur @ebrodeur 

My love for film started as a young boy, sitting in an empty theater watching a final showing of the Star Wars' re-release in southeastern Pennsylvania. Like many, it captured my imagination but I was too young to realize I could make a career of it.

Decades later I left my job as a computer professional and relocated to Los Angeles. After many ups-and-downs in the film industry I discovered that picture editing was my passion; it was the perfect fit of everything I had ever done and imagined I could do.

They say "timing is everything" and three years ago I got my chance to edit an independent film called Bedrooms which went on to win two Best Feature awards and recently aired on Showtime. My next project, Ije The Journey, was a Nigerian-American film which became one of Nigeria's top grossing films of all time as well as winning awards for Best Editing and Best Feature.

My current film is an urban music drama called Filly Brown and will be completed later this year.

Jesse Averna @Dr0id

A filmmaker, and above all else a storyteller, Jesse Averna’s work
spans from big budget features, experimental music videos, high-end live action productions, to shoe string budget documentaries. Among many other clients, he has worked with Disney, Warner Bros, ESPN, MTV, the Tony Awards, American Movie Classics,, PBS The News Hour, TED, New York Fashion Week, Music Choice, as well as international nonprofits.

His growing reputation has taken him around the world for various projects and has afforded him the opportunity to work directly under high profile Emmy and Academy Award winning filmmakers. He also had the privilege of collaborating with Disney, Jim Henson,  SAG, and Stella Adler professionals. Last year, Jesse wrapped post production working as First Assistant Editor on Director Brad Anderson’s new feature, Vanishing On 7th Street. He most recent work has been as the Editor for Sesame Street this season and last.


Jamie Hooper @FingercuffJAMIE

I've been making films for over 15 years ever since my Dad bought a VHS-C camera and I claimed it as my own. I found the action of capturing images and using them to tell a story fascinating, particularly the editing.

After attending college I set up production company Fingercuff Productions with fellow filmmaker James Webber. Fingercuff is now an award winning partnership with several of our films screened in film festivals around the world and at prestigious venues like BAFTA.

I'm currently in preproduction on my latest short film Plastic Love. I'm also writing several feature scripts; a psychological thriller, a fantasy drama and a religious horror.

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