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From Script to Screen With Guests Samuel Dore and Gary King March 27, 2011

Topic: From Script to Screen

We’re honored to have creative’s Samuel Dore and Gary King be our guests on Sunday, March 27th to discuss how to take your words on the page and bring them to the big screen. 

To prepare for the chat, check out the posts Gary created, demonstrating his process:

EURO guest: Samuel Dore @bursteardrum

Samuel Dore is a Bristol born-and-bred creative who works as a film maker, photographer and graphic designer in London who graduated from UWE Bristol in 1999 with a BA (hons) in Graphic Design after having a life-long love for the arts & comics. Ever since he was a young kid he already had a reputation as a huge film buff devouring any film he can watch, any books on films he can read without any intentions of becoming a film maker.

Samuel's first film was a short documentary about Deaf clubbers in the Bristol hard house scene for a Channel 4 promoting new film making talent, he soon started making short dramas as a hobby before becoming an assistant producer writing and directing information films for COI Communications at Red Bee Media / BBC Broadcast and so he moved to London where he remains to this day working as a freelancer.

Samuel has worked in different genres from dramas to documentaries, music videos to information films generally as a director / writer / cameraman / editor but he has a strong interest in writing and directing dramas where he has won two best director awards and his short films have been shown around the world.  His recent drama is Chasing Cotton Clouds, a 24' drama he wrote and directed that combines animation & live action.

His work can be seen here;

USA guest: Gary King @grking 

Gary King is a contemporary DIY American filmmaker whose work is known for powerful performances with an emphasis on a strong, visual style.  He has written, directed and produced several critically acclaimed feature films as well as award-winning short films.

In 2009, he made his feature film debut with the ensemble drama NEW YORK LATELY which has been hailed by The Independent Critic as “a remarkable achievement” and Row Three as “a beautiful film” making its Top Ten Films of 2009 List.

With Gary’s ability to skillfully apply his filmmaking craft across genres, Fearmakers hired him to direct the grisly horror film DISMALThe film has been picked up by Showtime, The Movie Channel, TimeWarner On-Demand and has both a domestic and international DVD release.

He also recently helmed the action/comedy zombie film DEATH OF THE DEAD for Strange Stuff Productions which AINT IT COOL says “delivers a lot of laughs.” THE CREEPTURE FEATURE HORROR SHOW calls it …an instant classic… while SOUND ON SIGHT describes it as “a mash-up between a Zucker Brothers comedy and a Troma film…with a surprising amount of heart.” The film is currently screening in festivals across the country and is being repped by DeLarge.

Gary is a member of the Workbook Project’s NEW BREED — an indie film movement that consists of emerging filmmakers who are creating their own paths with their exciting work.  The NEW BREED (founded by The Workbook Project pioneer filmmaker Lance Weiler) contains first person insights and accounts dealing with the filmmaking process.

He is also the inaugural recipient of FLYWAY FILM FESTIVAL’s SPIRIT OF FLYWAY Award for his “passion about film…in both his work and in the tremendous support he shows to film festivals and fellow filmmakers around the world. ”

He recently released his latest feature film WHAT’S UP LOVELY which already has critics buzzing about its visual elegance and outstanding performance by lead actress Jenn Dees.  (Read the reviews here)

Currently, Gary is working on a feature film musical titled HOW DO YOU WRITE A JOE SCHERMANN SONG which is scheduled to hit the festival circuit in 2011-12.

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