Saturday, February 5, 2011

Euro Topic: Coal Sells By The Ton. Diamonds Sell By The Carat. What’s In Your Script?

Over the last week, ScreenwritingU has been imparting its screenwriting philosophy with subscribers to its free online course and on Twitter through the hashtag #ScriptTip.

These golden nuggets of advice have taken Twitter by storm and Scriptchat wants to delve deeper into one of ScreenwritingU's philosophies to give screenwriters a chance to relate it to their own writing.

On Sunday 6th February, Euro Scriptchat will be taking ScreenwritingU's Tip 3 to discuss: Coal Sells By The Ton. Diamonds Sell By The Carat.  What’s In Your Script?

If you haven't had the chance to learn about this philosophy, click here to download the article. Then come along and join the chat to explore this philosophy in further depth.

Euro Scriptchat starts at 8pm GMT and for those who might be catching the Superbowl later, feel free to join this earlier slot of 3pm EST or 12pm PST.

And to sign up for the rest of this month's ScreenwritingU's daily tips, click here!

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