Tuesday, April 13, 2010

ScriptChat introduces SCRIPT NIGHT!

You can’t be a screenwriter without being a script reader.   Your treefort team is compiling a list of fabulous (and not so fabulous) scripts for us all to read together (to be posted soon)… like a script of the month club. 

The first Sunday of every month, we’ll discuss a specific script together and share our thoughts.

- why it might have sold
- what worked/didn’t work for you
- if you were a reader, what would have given it a pass or consider
- what worked better, the film or the script
- if the script was better than the film, where did it go wrong 
- justify changes between the script and the finished film… which will help us all better understand the development process.

Writing always improves from reading.  So, let’s all read and learn together and share our thoughts. 

Our very first Script Night kicks off Sunday, MAY 2nd (8pm GMT and 8pm EST) with, what else, ADAPTATION

Download it here one of two ways:
-You must copy and paste this link into your browser since our site isn't authorized for access: http://bit.ly/9JESB5  (2nd draft, revised 21 Nov, 2000)
-@mypdfscripts (2000.11.21 Draft) here: http://bit.ly/cTfnRH