Monday, March 1, 2010

EURO #scriptchat Guest Speaker LISA HOLDSWORTH - Sunday, March 7th, 2010 8pm GMT

We are privileged to announce Screenwriter Lisa Holdsworth (@WorksWithWords) as our next Scriptchat Guest on Sunday 7th March, 2010. Lisa will only be available at our EURO timeslot, so please feel free to join us from the other side of the pond if you normally take part in the US chat. It's an open invitation to all!  (8pm GMT is 3pm EST)

#scriptchat TOPIC: How does TV writing differ from feature film? How do you break into writing for TV?

Lisa Holdsworth is originally from Leeds and has worked in television in the city since she graduated.  Lisa’s first commission was an episode of “Fat Friends” which she devised herself and was shortlisted for a Best New Writer BAFTA. Since then, she has written an original play for Radio 4 and spent three years on the Emmerdale writing team. She left to write for the BBC’s police drama “New Tricks” and has recently completed her eighth episode for series seven. She has written on four series of Waterloo Road including a feature length series opener. She also wrote two of the final series of Robin Hood; including the much-discussed “origins” episode. She currently has projects in development with several production companies and the BBC.

In an effort to have some order over the barrage of questions thrown at Lisa (and to save her API so she doesn’t get slammed in Twitter jail), we’ve decided to ask people to leave a question in the comment section below.

Here's how it'll work:

- Leave your questions in the comment section below days before the chat, and we will post them Q&A style on this blog before the chat begins (if possible, post them in 140 characters... including "RT @yourname:" so we may easily post them live at chat). 

We are keen to maintain the chat vibe which is the main appeal for #Scriptchat, so we aim to pick out 10 questions for Lisa to answer. We will make sure that these questions will cover the general interests of individuals. This will also mean that we will avoid repetition in the questions and have more room for spontaneous chat.

- Come to #scriptchat on 7th March, and we will have Lisa discuss some of the ideas raised in the Q&A as well as take a handful of follow-up questions.

Please also note the BBC Writing for Continuing Drama Q&A event that is taking place at The Drill Hall in London on Thursday 4th March from 6.00pm – 7.30pm. Tickets are free. All you have to do is email: to put your name on the guestlist. For those who won’t be able to attend this event, Mina Zaher will write a follow-up blog post in anticipation for the Lisa’s TV Writing #scriptchat.

It would be great to give Lisa some time to prepare the answers so she can focus on engaging with tweeps on the night, so please don't hesitate to post yours questions. Get them down now!

Please, don’t forget to check the blog Q&A before the chat. So until 7th March! Good luck with your writing.


  1. Do you write in the breaks for commercial at a predetermined place or is that totally up to the studio? And if you do is there a standard formula for ad placement?

  2. RT @DreamsGrafter How did you break into television? #scriptchat

  3. RT @DreamsGrafter What's the difference in writing action/description for TV, compared to film. Esp. in relation to pace? #Scriptchat