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eiACE Members - Lee Jessup, Steve Kaplan, Dan Calvisi Transcript - Breaking in from anywhere!

Entertainment Industry Association of Consultants & Educators [EIACE] Members - Lee Jessup @leezjessup, Steve Kaplan @skcomedy, Dan Calvisi @storymapsdan - TOPIC: Breaking in from anywhere!

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eiACE Members - Steve Kaplan, Dan Calvisi, Lee Jessup Transcript - Breaking in from anywhere!

eiACE Members - Steve Kaplan, Dan Calvisi, Lee Jessup Transcript - Breaking in from anywhere!

Entertainment Industry Association of Consultants & Educators [EIACE] Members - Steve Kaplan @skcomedy, Dan Calvisi @storymapsdan, Lee Jessup @leezjessup - TOPIC: Breaking in from anywhere!

  1. @StoryMapsDan Hey Dan! *waves* Welcome! Great to have you here, and thanks for joining us! #scriptchat
  2. @skcomedy Hey Steve! *waves* Welcome! Great to have you here, too! Thanks for joining us! #scriptchat
  3. @1NonlyGene_Rol oh, thanks! I can't watch myself - good thing the rest of you guys can #scriptchat
  4. @LeeZJessup you interviewed a ton of writers on breaking in, was there one thing they all had in common? #scriptchat
  5. Glad to know I'm not the only one. RT @LeeZJessup: @1NonlyGene_Rol oh, thanks! I can't watch myself - #scriptchat
  6. @filmwritr4 make sure the content can really stand out in a crowded space, and have a marketing plan in place! #scriptchat
  7. @jeannevb Absolutely! they all were students of the game, and never stopped until they broke in! #scriptchat
  8. My simple gold nugget about getting your script in doors: pick up the phone. Cold call! It can work, if you work it. #scriptchat
  9. @jeannevb they also created really effective communities around them - people to help them thru tough times #scriptchat
  10. @jannagummo today writers are everywhere! Maybe harder to find, but they are there! #scriptchat
  11. I feel sometimes that the only way to break in is to write a great script then produce it on #indiefilm level #scriptchat
  12. Another wonderful story of how The Writers Store changed Dave Trottier's life... #scriptchat #screenwriting... 
  13. @jannagummo @LeeZJessup @jeannevb I recently got my client from Tahiti a manager and they're sending her pilot out. #scriptchat
  14. @janaconematt as a non-LA based writer u have to make use of what's available to you: Contests, fellowships, The Black List #scriptchat
  15. @janaconematt also skype/online pitches are a great way to connect with industry folks, especially hungry managers. #scriptchat
  16. I've worked with people doing webisodes from Texas to Australia. #scriptchat
  17. I've heard The Tracking Board is a great place to start - if you get a Recommend for your script, you're on your way #scriptchat
  18. @jannagummo I recently connected 3 writers in Melbourne, so trust me, writers are everywhere! You just have to look. #scriptchat
  19. @LeeZJessup Was just going to ask about script hosting on Black List & Virtual pitching like w/ Happy Writers as viable ins! :) #scriptchat
  20. Connect to your local community of writers. Face time with people is key to networking, not *just* online contact w/ peers. #scriptchat
  21. @SarahAlexis4 Totally! You gotta use what's available to you. Industry looks to TBL, so writers should use that! #scriptchat
  22. @StoryMapsDan @skcomedy @LeeZJessup Any advice on best practices for promoting your content online (web series)? #scriptchat
  23. The best advice is first, make it brilliant, then post it, then promote it. Sometimes people do it in the wrong order. #scriptchat
  24. @SarahAlexis4 same with Skype pitches - is someone you'd want to work with is taking pitches, use that! #scriptchat
  25. @janaconematt yes, @MyTrackingBoard is great. Launch Pad competitions have gotten a lot of writers repped. #scriptchat
  26. @filmwritr4 you want to start building a following that will be eager to see ur content as soon as you can! #scriptchat
  27. Q: Is having a website or blog absolutely critical for writers today? #scriptchat
  28. @StoryMapsDan @skcomedy @LeeZJessup Q: Tips on collaborating with other writers on a series project, and on giving feedback? #scriptchat
  29. @janaconematt If you have something to say, then a blog is a great platform. But writer's don't have to have websites! #scriptchat
  30. @filmwritr4 @StoryMapsDan @skcomedy @LeeZJessup...building a massive audience online, which will likely not happen. Sizzle reel! #scriptchat
  31. @LeeZJessup Absolutely! I definitely know it's crucial to know who your audience is, and what they like. #scriptchat
  32. @LeeZJessup Q: Say promising connection made off script rec/virtual pitch, how to best nav next steps/what else to have ready? #scriptchat
  33. The major online services have all brought success, but it can get expensive, so be smart. #scriptchat
  34. Whether it's a website, blog, or YouTube channel, it's good 2 have an outlet where u can both post content and connect w/ others #scriptchat
  35. @StoryMapsDan @skcomedy @LeeZJessup I've interviewed hundreds of web series creators, and knowing your audience is key. #scriptchat
  36. Q: Is having a couple scripts with Consider rating a good place to start? #scriptchat
  37. @janaconematt absolutely! you want to know that the content you've created is stellar! #scriptchat
  38. @StoryMapsDan Q: Any thoughts on how to narrow down which service may be best fit/bet? #scriptchat
  39. @StoryMapsDan @skcomedy @LeeZJessup As much as I hope to have more people watch, I just want to do good work with it. #scriptchat
  40. @janaconematt If people pass on it, have it be based on sensibility, rather than your writing chops #scriptchat
  41. @LeeZJessup if you wrote a great screenplay but had few connections and only $1,000 to work with, where would you start? #scriptchat
  42. @StoryMapsDan @skcomedy @LeeZJessup It doesn't have to be a viral hit or anything. It just has to be good and relatable to auds #scriptchat
  43. @jannagummo @StoryMapsDan @SarahAlexis4 Both. One pagers are good for anything. They are your short/elevator pitch/phone script. #scriptchat
  44. @drewbroadhurst submit 2 big contests, pay 4 2-3 evals on TBL, the rest in online pitches 2 hungry young managers w/ trk record #scriptchat
  45. @janaconematt Accolades on sites or with coverage services really depend on the situation and party you're pitching to. #scriptchat
  46. Thinking about finding an #illustrator & #coder interested in turning The Sistahood into a web series #transmedia #scriptchat
  47. @LeeZJessup @drewbroadhurst I agree with Lee, plus it may be good to work with a writing coach. Up to you. #scriptchat
  48. @drewbroadhurst @StoryMapsDan agreed - you want to work with someone who will really challenge your craft & push u 2 next level #scriptchat
  49. It's also important to realize that there's many ways to break through. 1/ #scriptchat
  50. @SarahAlexis4 @StoryMapsDan Hard to say on which sites to use. They don't all ONLY speciallize in one thing. #scriptchat
  51. Nia Vardalos put her 1-woman show up in Hollywood for months before Playtone came to see Big Fat Greek Wedding 2/ #scriptchat
  52. But Tracking Board is good with pilots and Inktip is good with genre movies and tv movies. Again, not their only strengths. #scriptchat
  53. @LeeZJessup @StoryMapsDan @skcomedy Q: How many new scripts to write per year & advice on creating a productive writing routine? #scriptchat
  54. I had a client in Australia. His script was rejected, so he turned it into a novel. The novel was published . . . 3/ #scriptchat
  55. Optioned, and he negotiated to write the screenplay! 4/ #scriptchat
  56. @jannagummo work w/ someone whose sensibility you agree with, and who has a great reputation! Like @skcomedy or @StoryMapsDan :) #scriptchat
  57. @LeeZJessup @StoryMapsDan I was thinking maybe take a portion of the script and turn it into a short #scriptchat
  58. I'm making an #indiefilm based on Rick Linklater's model - 2 people having interesting conversation with 'Before' series #scriptchat
  59. @jeannevb the key is ROUTINE. Writing at a regular time and place, to create ongoing productivity. #scriptchat
  60. @jeannevb Always write at least one scene per sitting. If you're tired, write a short scene so you can crash! #scriptchat
  61. @jeannevb ask yourself: where am I most productive? when am I most productive? create routine around that. #scriptchat
  62. @janaconematt Sounds great! But make sure that dialogue is great. Do table reads and workshop it. #scriptchat
  63. @StoryMapsDan I like to stop right after I start the next scene so I'm not starting with a blank page nxt day #scriptchat
  64. @LeeZJessup @StoryMapsDan Suggestions on how to best prepare fo a virtual pitch? Things to be aware of that differ from in room? #scriptchat
  65. @jeannevb remember that inspiration is not a luxury writers can afford. Sometimes it's there; sometimes not. either way, write #scriptchat
  66. Gotta interrupt my anti-Trump rants to praise @LeeZJessup for Screenwriters Support Group. It was such an amazing thing to do. #scriptchat
  67. @jeannevb Yes, ending on a high note! A little thread/breadcrumbs to pick back up with. :) #scriptchat
  68. @SarahAlexis4 Practice! Practice to friends, record yourself, work on it. Pitching is a skill. No one wings it well #scriptchat
  69. @StoryMapsDan @janaconematt Table reads are the best. I had one during a meeting with my writers' group a few years ago. #scriptchat
  70. @StoryMapsDan @janaconematt Not only does it make the script come alive, but it also shows you what works/what needs fixing #scriptchat
  71. Managers say they want to rep YOU, not just your script, but...they first need a great script to see yr potential. #scriptchat
  72. @LeeZJessup @jeannevb I would also stress importance of incorporating collaborators into writing process--writers group, etc #scriptchat
  73. @skcomedy writers groups are priceless! They can make all the difference. #scriptchat
  74. @LeeZJessup @SarahAlexis4 I've been at this for ten years and I've only recently gotten better at pitching. Practice indeed. #scriptchat
  75. Absolutely! RT @filmwritr4: @janaconematt Table reads are the best. I had one during a meeting with my writers' group. #scriptchat
  76. @StoryMapsDan agree completely! It's about the writer, but a strong script or pilot is the conversation starter! #scriptchat
  77. @LeeZJessup Find ways to leave Starbucks and connect with others--crew on someone else's webisode, co-write, table reads #scriptchat
  78. @skcomedy @LeeZJessup @jeannevb Any advice on working w/other writers on a series project (setting up a writer's room)? #scriptchat
  79. @jeannevb @LeeZJessup @skcomedy @StoryMapsDan Finding a group: start with fav genre, find people online in your fav chat room? #scriptchat
  80. Read their scripts first! Make sure they are better than YOU. #scriptchat
  81. @jeannevb you r looking 4 likeminded writers. If you took a class together, all the better - then you agree on tools & structure #scriptchat
  82. @jeannevb but in general, its writers u respect, who give good notes and are serious about writing. those r the requirements! #scriptchat
  83. Yes, taking classes is good place to find other writers. Big institutions or smallre private courses. #scriptchat
  84. A good writers group needs a tough MODERATOR. They keep you on a clock, give everyone equal time, no more. #scriptchat
  85. @skcomedy Understood. Will definitely keep that in mind. Thanks Steve! #scriptchat
  86. @skcomedy Absolutely. Even a wildly talented partner will lead to anguish if you don't share the same sensibilities. #scriptchat
  87. (Apologies if already talked about, got a bit distracted) Do people pay attention to webseries as calling cards for writers? #scriptchat
  88. I'm hoping to do what Linklater did with the first 'Before' movie to break in #scriptchat
  89. One good notes buddy can make all the difference. You don't need 6 people. #scriptchat
  90. For comedy, I always suggest that writers take improv classes, ESPECIALLY if they're not performers to begin with. #scriptchat
  91. @JonFour We already discussed, but short answer is yes, for that specific project you're selling. #scriptchat
  92. @JonFour if they are of amazing quality, tell a unique story in a powerful way, or gotten a ton of views, yes. #scriptchat
  93. And in those improv or sketch comedy classes, you'll find your future collaborators #scriptchat
  94. @skcomedy improv classes are great for writers who have to pitch, as well! #scriptchat
  95. Agreed! RT @LeeZJessup: @skcomedy improv classes are great for writers who have to pitch, as well! #scriptchat
  96. @LeeZJessup @StoryMapsDan Suggestions for sustaining relationship you're building w/industry people/other writers who are in LA? #scriptchat
  97. @SarahAlexis4 constantly create new reasons - contest wins, new script, new reps, coming to LA - to keep in touch #scriptchat
  98. I personally broke in as a script and book Reader for studios and prod companies.  #scriptchat
  99. @SarahAlexis4 it's all about staying front-of-mind, and showing that you are serious about writing. xmas cards are gr8! #scriptchat
  100. South Park was the result of an animated Xmas card! RT @LeeZJessup: @SarahAlexis4 xmas cards are gr8! #scriptchat
  101. I found a writer friend on Craigslist and he's become my best buddy. I got lucky. :-) #scriptchat
  102. When cold calling: give them something. A bit of information, a joke, a memory. Don't just ask, give. #scriptchat
  103. @janaconematt Indie films are great, but if you put that time and half the money into writing script after script... #scriptchat
  104. I think the days of blind email queries are mostly over. That was the way I stumbled through the door from PA. #scriptchat
  105. @StoryMapsDan The best networking is done in the spirit of generosity! Always go in ready to give something. #scriptchat
  106. Know something about them, show you did your homework. Compliment a passion project of theirs. #scriptchat
  107. @frederick_seton on occasion they still do work, but that's the lowest on the totem poll, no doubt #scriptchat
  108. @LeeZJessup Reading trades great for keeping up on the industry. Other ways writers outside LA can stay in the know/connected? #scriptchat
  109. Whether it's a full indie film, or a three minute FunnyOrDie sketch, proof of concept is often key. #scriptchat
  110. Not everyone can read a script, but (most) everyone can watch a clip. #scriptchat
  111. In my workshops, I tell people to subscribe to #scriptchat as a way of meeting other writers and finding out about the industry.
  112. These are collaboration great tips. Probably the #1 reason I don't write more is because it is such a lonely venture #scriptchat
  113. @LeeZJessup @StoryMapsDan Any common missteps you see clients outside LA making that others should be aware of? #scriptchat
  114. Read books by Lee Jessup, Steve Kaplan and Carol Kirshner! #scriptchat
  115. @SarahAlexis4 Saying they will only come to LA if/when someone pays them :) #scriptchat
  116. @LeeZJessup Tips for writers before they move to L.A.... and WHEN is the move necessary? What should they have in place, etc? #scriptchat
  117. @drewbroadhurst Yes, it can get really lonely. Push past it, and/or find a good writing partner if you're interested. #scriptchat
  118. @jeannevb Build your body of work while you are home, so that when you arrive you have material ready to show #scriptchat
  119. @drewbroadhurst Twitter is a lonely writer's water cooler. When asshats aren't trolling, that is. :) #scriptchat
  120. @SarahAlexis4 @LeeZJessup @StoryMapsDan There's lots of activity out beyond L.A. Do something great in Melbourne or Dallas . . . #scriptchat
  121. @janaconematt @StoryMapsDan "Recommend" was incredibly rare. Like only a handful in my 8 years of reading! Don't worry about it. #scriptchat
  122. @drewbroadhurst create a community that can support you through the loneliness. #scriptchat
  123. @LeeZJessup some writers do really well in contest after contest but never break in. Advice for making most of them? #scriptchat
  124. @jeannevb don't wait 4 contest organizers to do things 4 you - use it to connect with people you've never met, to market urself #scriptchat
  125. Absolutely! Buyers don't pay for "potential." RT @LeeZJessup: @SarahAlexis4 or submitting scripts long before they are ready! #scriptchat
  126. Most managers will tell you they will only rep TV writers who are in L.A. But I have a client in Tahiti and she's getting reads. #scriptchat
  127. @StoryMapsDan @skcomedy @LeeZJessup Best advice on pitching script ideas/series concepts - even in networking opportunities? #scriptchat
  128. @StoryMapsDan I hear much of the same. If you don't want to move to LA, keep writing features. #scriptchat
  129. @StoryMapsDan I've received a couple of Considers, so I thought maybe I could write a script for an #indiefilm and hopefully break in with it #scriptchat
  130. @filmwritr4 never leave out your way into the story! It's not just about your gr8 idea, but also abt why ur the writer 4 it #scriptchat
  131. @jeannevb @LeeZJessup I would guess those contest winners aren't marketing afterward with full commitment. #scriptchat
  132. A contest win or placement does not mean you're on easy street. Keep writing, submitting, and marketing yourself. #scriptchat
  133. @StoryMapsDan Are they reading her with an eye for staffing & moving to LA or are they considering her original pilots or both? #scriptchat
  134. @SarahAlexis4 At this point, it's open, they're mainly interested in the concept and her writing. From there, will see. #scriptchat
  135. I've met some of my most beloved (and definitely go-to) characters through several years of improv classes! #scriptchat 
  136. Meeting execs and agents at events (not just in L.A.) helps. Give them your elevator pitch, see if they request yr script. #scriptchat
  137. @LeeZJessup In terms of discussing with people why I wrote an idea, should I discuss personal inspiration/personal story? #scriptchat
  138. @filmwritr4 absolutely! the more you can connect yourself to the concept - without it being autobiographical - the better! #scriptchat
  139. @filmwritr4 If you have an interesting personal connection, yes, but if it's not very unique, no. #scriptchat
  140. @LeeZJessup :) Awesome! Thanks so much for the great advice, and for clarifying that extra question! #scriptchat
  141. Smaller, more intimate conferences are great to connect w/ writers and pros. @WIFV_DC's #ScriptDC is one of my faves. #scriptchat
  142. Networking wise, it's up to you to turn every opportunity into a future relationship! #scriptchat
  143. F5: DESCRIPTION & VOICE Blue Book. Packed with information & Techniques! 389 pages, SALE price: $3.99.  #scriptchat
  144. I still believe it comes down to and starts with relationships in the industry :) #scriptchat
  145. @StoryMapsDan Any thoughts on the film/TV production industry that's here in NY? #scriptchat
  146. @filmwrtr4 Avoid the bio that begins with you watching your first movie at 4 yrs old and falling in love with cinema. :( #scriptchat
  147. @wcmartell was at the lake reading your Bourne book today. Great stuff! #scriptchat
  148. Before we end, I have to put in a plug for our new group that @StoryMapsDan and @LeeZJessup are part of. #scriptchat
  149. @StoryMapsDan :) LOL I will Daniel...thanks so much! I think if anything I'd just discuss what inspired me to create the idea #scriptchat
  150. @SarahAlexis4 the indie film community in NYC is definitely flourishing! #scriptchat
  151. (Oh man, I missed the whole thing! Impromptu babysitting session) #scriptchat
  152. @LeeZJessup I see a lot of filming in my neighborhood! Films and TV. It's so fun to see. #scriptchat
  153. eiACE (Entertainment Industry Association of Consultants and Educators) is launching a series of Power Up! webinars #scriptchat
  154. @StoryMapsDan Any autobiographical/personal stuff can be put aside during the pitch. It's all about the idea/inspiration #scriptchat
  155. RT @LeeZJessup Networking wise, it's up to you to turn every opportunity into a future relationship! #scriptchat
  156. I second that! Check out  - we have some great online events coming up! #scriptchat
  157. @SarahAlexis4 @StoryMapsDan Woody Allen said he ran out of street corners to film & said places like UK was happy to have him film there w/ total control #scriptchat
  158.  is great group of real pros who want to help screenwriters. They're the real deal. Seasoned. Qualified. #scriptchat
  159. @StoryMapsDan @skcomedy Fun getting to do this with you guys! Can't wait for all that's still to come! #scriptchat
  160. Really enjoyed being with you all tonight, and thanks to @LeeZJessup @StoryMapsDan @skcomedy for sharing their advice/expertise! #scriptchat
  161. @jeannevb Thanks! I'm nose to grindstone today catching on a project... but auto tweet working too. #scriptchat
  162. Sorry... was melting in the LA heat... just reconstituted myself enough to say howdy! #scriptchat
  163. @skcomedy I am actually in September. So one with each of us every month! #scriptchat
  164. A true writer does not capture an audience... a true writer captures hearts. 💕 #Writer #Love #AmWriting #WritingChat #ScriptChat
  165. Enjoyed chatting with you all, and celebrating my 35th birthday with you guys too! #scriptchat
  166. You are all welcome, I hope I helped. I know Steve and Lee did! Good luck and happy writing! #scriptchat

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