Friday, March 16, 2012

The Writer's Circle Offers Scriptchatters a Discount!

Many screenwriters struggle with maintaining a consistent writing schedule and fitting writing into their busy lives. Plus when procrastination rears its ugly head, it can feel impossible to resist the allure of scrubbing toilets or clicking through on another YouTube link.

No more!

The "Just Do The Writing" Accountability Circle -- aka The Writer's Circle -- is your antidote. It's an online community of creative writers, novelists, and screenwriters using a simple-yet-powerful set of accountability principles to write consistently, face the inner challenges of writing, and get support to make it happen.

The Writer's Circle is pleased to offer a 10% discount for our Scriptchat writers! Just enter the promo code "SCRIPTCHAT" at checkout and the savings is yours.

We all know the road to success in screenwriting is writing, rewriting, and writing yet more again. Get the support you need to make it happen, daily.

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